EP#1 2015

by Galloping Foxleys

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released March 25, 2015



all rights reserved


Galloping Foxleys Fremantle, Australia

Half folk, half country and the rest is just stunning good looks.

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Track Name: Eating the Animals of Farthing Wood
I lost my way some time ago,
Small animals ate up my breadcrumbs
But I'm not starving, I'm just lost,
I filled my belly with those little assholes.
That'll teach them a lesson I thought as I ate
And I'm still not through with rabbit stew and magpies on my plate.

I'm still finding out just who I am
And I'm not all that pleased to meet me.
If I had to spend any time with myself
I'd end it all quickly and neatly.
One shot baby, save the price of the bullets
For I don't deserve another shot, I'm overfed, undernourished.
Track Name: Stink Eye Waltz
Well I started up thinking and the first thought I thunk
Was that you gotta get drinking to go on a drunk.
So lend me your black socks to use as black shoes,
The fat bouncers 'round here are easy to confuse.

Oh pour me a whiskey my dear
And I'll twirl you all over the room.
Oh pour me a whiskey my dear,
We'll sing and dance to the old and the new.

Well I got me this belt and I got these two fists,
You keep lookin' at me you're gonna get some of this.
First I'll give you the stink eye while I eye up my chance
And then honey bunny, gonna ask you to dance!

Oh pour me a whiskey my friend
And I'll punch you all over the room.
Oh pour me a whiskey my friend,
We'll drink and we'll fight like the old boys used to.
Track Name: Mothman
All my dreams are your dreams
I've got nothing to say.
Pull my strings with your fingers,
Dance me 'round the way.
'Round the way

I like bouncing off your shininess,
Like a moth I blunder.
Point me towards the lover's moon
And there I'll dream and wander.
Dream and wander.
Track Name: Our Love
I'd run away with you to paradise any day of the year.
We'd lounge around sipping rum on ice, flowers in our hair
And you would oh so gently sway in my arms
And our love will find a way.

I'd scale the heights just to sit with you, the whole world at our feet.
Stars up above, city lights below twinkling for you and me
And you would oh so sweetly say with a smile
That our love will find a way.