Galloping Foxleys 2016

by Galloping Foxleys

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recorded live in a room divided by mattresses and cushions over four days at buckingham palace, a small shack near some bushes in yallingup, western australia.


released January 29, 2016

songs - shane corry
music - galloping foxleys
engineered/mixed - michael blackburn

galloping foxleys are:

rachel hocking - violin, backing vocals
jason snook - mandolin, guitar, banjolele, backing vocals
duncan strachan - bass, backing vocals
colin keegan - drums, percussion, backing vocals
michael blackburn - lead guitar
james dolin - keys
shane corry - rhythm guitar, vocals

additional musicians:

jamie canny - alto sax
christian ruggiero - tenor sax
sam newman - trombone
ben power - clarinet
sam reed - french horn
beth bryce - flute
merlematt fyshkeepwick - saw



all rights reserved


Galloping Foxleys Fremantle, Australia

Half folk, half country and the rest is just stunning good looks.

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Track Name: Murder Ballad
murder ballad

Dm Am

i stole my best friend's woman
and threw her body to the slaves.
i stole my best friend's woman
and i was handsomely paid.

Gm Am Dm

everyone's a sinner in this world

i coveted my neighbour
and took his daughter's chastity
i coveted my neighbour
and drowned her down in sunshine creek

Gm Am Dm A# C Dm

everyone's a sinner in this world
while you're crying for heaven
i'll be dancing with the devil that's for sure

F A7 Dm Gm A7

i worshipped at your altar
convinced you that i was good
i worshipped at your altar
while i was dripping red with blood
Track Name: Romancing the Bone
romancing the bone


i can slap you,
i can spit in your eyes and say i love you.
i can talk mean,
i can call you dirty names and you'll love me.

F#m D C#m D A D E

romance is dead say the unflattering few,
i don't know why 'cos baby it's alive in me and you

i can tease you,
i can bruise up your knees as i please you.
it's so easy,
you don't even choke when you please me.

C#m7 Bm7 D

say what you like, you'll find chivalry in me

C#m7 Bm7 B7 E

so call off the fight, and come a little closer baby.
Track Name: Lean Lady Mustard
lean lady mustard

F C7 Dm Am G C7

you're the mustard, you're the custard,
you're the cherry on top.
you're the hundreds, you're the thousands,
you're the the cream of the crop.

you're the true fact, the good support act,
you're the missing link.
you're the fast track, you got my back,
you're the kitchen sink.

you're the bright light, you're the good fight,
you're the the leading lady.
you're the hot tip, you take the biscuit,
you're the meat and gravy.

you're the inside spoon, the super moon,
the shiniest of all shines.
you're the cold beer, you're my love dear,
the best thing in my life.
Track Name: An Educational Piece (On the Importance of Prophylactics)
an educational piece (on the importance of prophylactics)


well you started up bleedin' and i started crying
tears of relief from my eyes.
that scanty little discharge that wouldn't fill a thimble
has enormous control of our lives.

but we're not having babies, we ain't having children,
we're not having sprogs of our own
and we'll continue our slipperin', our slidin' and our slapperin'
until those ol' fat cows come home.

well i've yet to be tortured by the australian government,
never holidayed in guantanamo bay
but i bet what's dead worse than the waterboard treatment
is thinking your little hen's gonna lay.


the moral of this story is always wear a raincoat
no matter what the weather is outside
and if your woman's gettin' clucky and lookin' to fool around
your best bet's to run for your life.
Track Name: Society's Ills
society's ills

Em Am Em B7

fist flies, teeth smash.
slap, slap, swipe cash.
punch, kick, face mash.
yo ho ho, time to dash.

slight prick, quick fix.
strung out, turn tricks.
smoke crack, suck dicks.
come down, shit bricks.

G Em

yo ho i'm in pain.
it's time to dance me down the drain.

drink, drink, fuck, fight.
sink, drown, each night.
gin, sin , bark, bite.
tee hee hee i'm quite the fright.

pull hair, slap, squeeze.
rip tights, say please.
spank, snort, cheap tease.
pass on that love disease.
Track Name: Hard Workin' Man
hard workin' man


i stole twenty-two roses from the garden on the corner,
had to split like moses when i saw the angry owner.
walked forty-four blocks in eighty-eight dollar shoes
to save a dollar fifty on the number ninety-two.
waited four hours, had about a hundred smokes
until a copper moved me on 'cos i was freaking out your folks.


i've been a hard workin' man for your heart.
i ain't earning no money but you've been calling me honey,
i've been a hard workin' man for your heart.

i bought thirty-one dinners, tipped a lot of hungry waiters,
cooked for three of your sisters, made them all eat potatoes.
walked your dog fifty times, your daddy just as much,
i don't know what was worse, neither would play fetch.
sewed a quilt with your mother, went fishing with your brother,
even cried at sunday service when we all held hands together.

i've been a hard workin' man for your heart.
i ain't claiming no wages but you've been paying out kisses,
i've been a hard workin' man for your heart.

well i kept myself tidy, fraternised in high society,
got a real job, quit the mob, haircut, nosejob.
studied karma sutra in a far off land,
even trimmed the nails on my old guitar hand.
volunteered for charity, saved your cat from a tree,
fixed your car, learned to dance all for this big romance.

i've been a hard workin' man for your heart
i ain't earning no living but you've been giving good loving
i've been a hard workin' man for your heart
Track Name: Killing You
killing you

Dm Dm7 Dm6 Gm

i don't like the way you look at me with those dark eyes,
unadulterated hate is so hard to disguise.

Am E7 Am F7 E7

what is it about me that sets your blood to boil?
if i had my way with you i'd have you up against the wall, but...

A7 C#m F#m G# A7 E

would i be loving you or would i just be killing you?

i would like to see you lose your cool, scream and shout.
let fly with those words that you are longing to spit out.
they are forming on your lips like storm clouds on the sea,
if i had my way with you i'd have you across my knee, but...

C#m Cdim B7 A7
Track Name: My Love Affair with Archer
my love affair with archer

D Dmaj7 D7 D6 Em A7 G A7/Gm

why don't we get naked and into the bed,
get drunk for the next sixty days.
how smelly we'd be but how happy as well
indulging our drug fuelled haze.
we could quit both our jobs, tell our folks we're away,
be left all alone in such peace.
loving all night, loving all day,
screaming so loud they'd call the police.

we could cover our bodies in chocolate ice cream,
get fat while we lick ourselves clean.
not have to worry about that waistline;
we'd jiggle and grind ourselves lean.
if you let me inside of you, i'll let you inside of me.
tit for tat, i'm all about equal opportunity.

Bmaj7 Cmaj7 A7

you can call this debaucherousness what you like
science has so many words
that sound so unnatural for something that leaves you
as free as the bees and the birds.
oh what heaven, oh what bliss,
we'd be high as a pair of lost kites.
jump into my arms, we'll fall to the mattress,
invent some new carnal delights.
Track Name: Troubles

G Em C G

me oh me
my oh my
lord i'm so sad and they don't know why
all i wanna do is sit here and cry

me oh me
my oh my
it's dark and it's cold and it's raining inside
i feel i'm falling right out of the sky

me oh me
my oh my
i can't see any ending in sight
swallow me whole, please block out the light
Track Name: Hana's Song
hana's song

E B7

what can i say of you?
that's not been said before; every superlative under the sun?


and what can i hope for when i'm just a joker
in love.

A G#m F#m B7 / E

all my fears fall when your lips call my name.

what can i give to you?
the girl who has everything; skin of silver, heart of gold.
well i ain't got much to trade but when i give you my heart
it stays sold.

what can i sing to you?
that you've not heard before, when yours is the voice of song.
well just you wait and hear how sweet it is
when i sing along.
Track Name: Ending Song
ending song

G B7 C D7

mama told me not to worry -
"worrying's only good for lining your face".
and papa told me never to hurry -
"you gotta take your time in this human race."
and all those preachers teaching patience
can go to hell with their pious truths.
i'm gonna worry, gonna hurry, gonna lose my shit,
gonna rage and wail against the pain of it now
'cos i don't have you.

Gm C D7

they say our future's in the stars
well mine's a supernova in your eyes.
so i'm trawling through the city's backstreet bars
trying to drink my way through the rising tide.
but time heals all they cry with laughter
as they fill me full of gin to dim my blues.
i'm gonna drink, i'm gonna sink, i'm gonna dive into the depths
but there's no rising from this death
because i don't have you.
Track Name: Welcome to Mortality
welcome to mortality

C G7 F Fm C C/B A7 D7 G

you're gonna die.
it ain't gonna be nice.
one minute you're here
the next you got worms dining out on your eyes.
your mom might think you're special,
your pop might own wall street
but in the end baby you're just a rotting piece of meat.

you're gonna die.
if you're lucky it'll be clean.
nobody wants their last impression to be the white outline at a murder scene.
but don't hold your breath
baby it could be you.
a cold knife in the back from someone you thought loved you true.

get shot, get stabbed, get hit by a cab.
fall down the stairs or commit suicide because nobody cares.
dehydration, disintegration, auto-erotic asphyxiation,
killer cancer, common cold, there's so many ways.
and in the end, really what's the loss?
one less self centered, hubris guilty walking corpse.

you're gonna die.
the saddest thing is so am i.
the best that i can really hope for is that it's you who is next in line.
they cry carpe diem, darling seize the day
but if you live like there's no tomorrow
you'll spend the rest of your life in jail.


yeah, we're all gonna die.